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We're building the UK's finest fibre broadband network in 285 towns & cities

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CityFibre for your home

We don’t just promise faster broadband, we build it

Our brand new, state of the art fibre-optic network delivers more speed than you will ever need. With your very own Full Fibre connection coming right into your home, drop-outs and slow-downs will be a thing of the past. With near limitless capabilities, it can handle it all, it’s broadband that just works, you’ll never look back.

Connect to the CityFibre network

Getting onto our network is easy, there’s a number of broadband providers to choose from.

Bringing Full Fibre to 8 million homes by 2025.

We’re on track to reaching our Full Fibre target of 8 million homes by 2025. That means 285 cities, towns and villages will have access to the UK's fastest and most reliable broadband from a range of great Internet Service Providers.

Explore our rollout to discover which locations will benefit.

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CityFibre for your business

Full Fibre that's fit for business

Whether you’re a small or large business, staying connected is crucial. That’s why you need broadband you can depend on. Our Full Fibre network is ultra-reliable and capable of speeds up to 1000Mbps, so you can be confident it will always deliver.

Better By Design

The Full Fibre standard

We believe Full Fibre should come as standard, giving everyone access to a faster, more reliable digital connectivity. That’s why we’re building a network that’s ‘Better by Design’, so it can adapt and evolve into the future.

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Our vision

Full Fibre will help unleash Britain’s potential and lead to a thriving economy and society.

Our partners

We work with great service providers to offer the best quality of service.

Our team

It takes a team of experts and specialists to bring the CityFibre vision to life.


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