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About us
What does CityFibre do?

As the UK’s third national wholesale digital infrastructure platform and the builder of Gigabit Cities, CityFibre designs, builds, owns and operates full fibre networks. CityFibre has network rollouts underway in 60+ towns and cities, with plans to bring full fibre broadband to up to 8 million homes and businesses as part of its £4bn Gigabit City Investment Programme.

About us
What is a Gigabit City?

A Gigabit City is a town or city with a full fibre infrastructure capable of supporting the current and future digital requirements of the entire area, including residents, public sector, businesses and mobile operators.

Connecting to Full Fibre
I already have fibre, how is this different?

The majority of broadband services marketed as ‘fibre’ today are only actually part-fibre. They tend to use copper wires for part of the journey to your home, which severely hampers the speed you can receive. With no slow copper in our full fibre network, you’ll receive lightning fast and reliable broadband services capable of Gigabit speeds.

Connecting to Full Fibre
What will Full Fibre allow me to do that I can't do today?

A full fibre connection will bring a radical improvement to your online experience at home. HD streaming will be easy no matter how many people are online. Remote working will become faster and more reliable and your connection will be ready for any new technology that comes our way. It will also support digital transformation outside the home in your city – supporting businesses, schools, healthcare, public services, and smart city applications. Find out more on our Gigabit Cities page.

Building our networks
When are you building in my area?

Our team will hand deliver a letter a week before we start to build the network in your street. If you would like to be updated by email too, please visit our availability checker and register your interest.

Connecting to Full Fibre
I saw you building on my street, but I haven't heard anything since, when can I connect?

The time it takes to build our network in each location varies depending on the size of the area, the construction technique and any complications with installation. While you will see our teams actively building in your area, there are other installation elements required. If you would like to be kept up to date about when services will be made available to your home, please register your interest via our availability checker.

Connecting to Full Fibre
How does CityFibre get installed onto my property and will you dig up my garden?

CityFibre will not build anything on your property until you decide to take a service from one of our broadband providers (also known as an ISP, or internet service provider). CityFibre installs the network on your street using a range of build techniques. In most cases, we place a small black connection box in the ground on the boundary of your property or on a nearby utility pole. Once you sign up to the CityFibre network with an ISP, CityFibre installers will agree on a preferred installation route from the connection box to your property.

Video: Home installation, what can you expect

Visit our Installation page for more information.

Building our networks
What is the wayleave process?

In our initial conversations we will have discussed the need to acquire your asset list, this allows us to establish a build plan tailored to your properties. Once in receipt of your premise list, we would then annex the wayleave agreement with these properties to allow deployment of our apparatus. Our build team will work closely with you following signature of the wayleave to ensure each route is approved.

Building our networks
Who do my tenants buy broadband services from?

CityFibre works with providers who supply broadband packages over our networks. Once your properties are connected and Full Fibre services are available, we will contact your tenants, directing them to our availability checker, where they can find out which providers are available. Across the UK, CityFibre is already working with launch partner Vodafone and TalkTalk to deliver next generation broadband services. We expect other providers to join our network soon.

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